Use Paytm to pay your phone bills

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Feb 5

Use Paytm to pay your phone bills

I paid my Airtel postpaid phone bill using Paytm today, and got a Rs. 50 cashback in the Paytm wallet by using a CASH150 promo code.

The deal is that you get 10% or Rs. 50 off (whichever is higher) on phone recharges using the code above, and is valid till June 10 2015.

I believe this is a simple and useful deal because almost everyone has a prepaid or postpaid connection; this deal works on both, and the only thing you have to do is instead of paying from the regular cellphone website using your credit card, use the Paytm wallet.

If you don’t have the Paytm wallet then it’s perhaps not worth your while to get one just to do this but a lot of people have these mobile wallets and in that case there’s really no reason to NOT do this.

This deal is available frequently enough which means that it is not a matter of saving fifty bucks one time, but rather saving this every month, well at least till they decide to withdraw it, and it neither adds time nor effort to an activity you would do anyway.

When the Paytm coupon on this recharge expires, I’ll update this post with the new coup0n code, and in the meantime, if there is a better way to do this then please leave a comment.

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